Dr Simong Youmans is a gifted and innovative visionary in her synergistic approach to modern healthcare.  She is the owner and on-site operator of her own private Med Spa here in Las Vegas, NV. Simong Youmans has had a very successful medical career as a board certified emergency physician for 23 years.   Through this long history in dealing with critical health issues in various emergency departments nationwide she realized how many incidents were preventable.  Her dream to create a practice which promotes health and wellness has now been fulfilled in the opening of this truly unique environment where she practices “integrated preventative medicine”.  This all-inclusive center is located in a beautiful, tranquil and peaceful spa setting where you not only receive personalized treatment for your outer beauty but you also receive individualized care for your inner wellness.

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In addition to being a board certified emergency physician she is also a member of the American College of Emergency Physicians and the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine.  The doctor personally does all the injectables and laser procedures assuring you only the best results.  Before moving to Henderson, Nevada, to live and practice in 2000, Dr. Youmans studied medicine at Temple Medical School and upon completion she attended one of the most acclaimed residency programs in the USA for Emergency Medicine at Carolina Medical Center in Charlotte, NC.  Dr. Youmans was acknowledged for her hard work and dedication by receiving several prestigious awards.

In light of the fact that over 95% of our nation’s health care expenditure is committed to diagnosing and treating disease only after a person develops symptoms, Dr Youmans goal with each client is to be proactive in the prevention of diseases before symptoms begin.  We have the latest & Best diagnostic testing available for our patients here at the clinic. Test based evidence is the way that Dr. Youmans practices medicine. Real values with the best possible testing & Real Results from the best Anti-Aging physician in Las Vegas. One example of her proactivity and what we test for would be our focus on identifying and preventing the development of metabolic syndrome X.  What is metabolic syndrome X?  It is High Glucose, High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol and Obesity which is prevalent in western society due to a lifestyle of increased stress combined with poor nutrition.

We provide a physician supervised weight loss program, hormonal management programs for both men and women which feature bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT), and stress management.  We provide and recommend only the best products which have been researched and proven to work.

Dr Simong Youmans does not serve as your your primary care physician and the practice does not bill your insurance for services. All services and treatments are reasonably priced and we will help you maintain positivity about your health and well-being while under our care.  We provide prompt and consistent follow-up, while keeping our patients up-to-date with all of the new advances in preventative medicine!

Dr Youmans is very serious and enthusiastic about beauty, aesthetics and a preventative approach to your health care.  She has completed extensive training and is certified in laser aesthetics, hair removal, botox, dermal fillers and mesotherapy.  Her personal and professional goal is to facilitate her clients’ quest to stay youthful in both mind and body through cutting edge technologies and resources.

Dr Simong Youmans MD

Dr Simong Youmans MD

Dr Simong Youmans MD