Michelle R’s Testimonial

When I had my hysterectomy my surgeon recommended that I use HRT. My family physician was adamantly against the use of HRT and told me he would prescribe other drugs to alleviate any symptoms I may experience. In confusion, I decided against using HRT or any other drugs at all. Gradually my quality of life diminished as I began to experience hot flashes, irritability and sleeplessness. A nurse at a local hospital told me about her very positive experience with Bio-Identical hormones and very enthusiastically recommended that I make an appointment with Dr. Simong Youmans at Elite Medical Services and Spa.

During my visit with Dr. Youmans, she explained that many other symptoms that I had been experiencing and attributing to just getting older such as mild depression and a sense of being overwhelmed and unable to cope with ordinary events, fatigue, heart palpitations and body aches which I thought were the onset of arthritis were directly attributed to the lack of hormones in my system. She prescribed a combination of hormones custom-tailored to my symptoms and although I was certainly hopeful, I was skeptical that I would actually experience the relief Dr. Youmans predicted. Within 2 days I began to notice an improvement and within a week the results were astonishing! I feel 20 years younger and am symptom free!

Dr. Youmans is kind, compassionate, dedicated to her work and sees her patients in a beautiful facility. I would recommend to anyone, especially in middle age, to make a visit to Dr. Youmans and have your hormone levels checked. The improved quality of life is unbelievable!

Cindy K.

My first experience with Dr. Simong Youmans was when I went in for laser hair removal. I felt very comfortable with Dr. Youmans from the moment I met her. The staff was really great; they are always so very professional yet caring. As I was getting ready to leave, I saw a brochure on laser liposuction. After discussing the pros and cons of the surgery with her that day, I was so excited that I scheduled the appointment for 2 weeks later.

To give you a little background on myself, I am a full-time working professional. I have had four children in the past four years. I was fortunate enough to return to my pre-baby weight within six months after my fourth child. But i was still unhappy with my lower stomach and love handles. I had to buy shirts that bunched up around my midsection to hide my bulge. Thank goodness long shirts are in style now. I was very picky about the jeans I bought because most of the ride right under my bulge and almost enhance it. I also wore shorts over my bikini bottoms because I was self-conscious about that area. I knew that someday I would get a tummy tuck, but just an afterthought at this point in my life.

Beth J.

I turned 50 last year and although I was relatively happy with my body, it wasn’t quite right. My stomach had that little pouch that I couldn’t firm up no matter what exercise I did. That stubborn area has been with my since my 30s and it wasn’t going anywhere. I had to change my way of thinking. I could live with it or consider other avenues. I did my homework. I read up on SmartLipo through forums on the web. Advancements sure have been made in this procedure and it was looking like a real possibility for me.

I called the clinic and made an appointment with Dr. Youmans. My worries immediately disappeared. She is both professional and friendly; I felt very comfortable from the start. Dr. Youmans suggested a combination of SmartLipo and Vaser, since the abdomen is a large area. I went home and did research on the combination.

The forums helped me get an idea of what to expect. I just googled SmartLipo and Vaser. People online shared their experiences. I scheduled my surgery with Dr. Youmans knowing this is what I wanted for myself.

I was awake for the procedure. Dr. Youmans works hard during the entire procedure. She is a perfectionist, making sure the results are symmetrical. The incisions are small, they don’t ever require stitches. I had no bruising but was swollen. I learned by reading the forums online that patience is the key.

This is not something that resolves itself in a month or so. The results are worth it but the full results are seen after 4 or 5 months. I also had several tri-active treatments to assist with the recovery.

It’s been 8 months since my surgery and I couldn’t be happier with the results. My “belly” was once a part of me that I made sure was hidden. Now, I let a little of my flat stomach peek out from time to time. The results were more dramatic than I had hoped for–I really like my new figure.

Dr. Youmans and her staff are very caring professionals. The facilities are relaxing and beautiful. I would advise others who are considering this procedure to do the research, visit the clinic, and talk to Dr. Youmans and her staff to see if this is right for them/ I know I made the right decision. Dr. Youmans did an amazing job.

Beth J.

Andrew P.

Dear Dr. Youmans,

I wish to thank you and your entire staff for all medical and body enhancing treatments performed on me for the past two months. During this time I was treated with the utmost respect and care. My treatments were punctual and professional. Your staff was cordial, informative and sincere. I always felt welcomed and well-cared for.

My medical enhancements included facial treatments and SmartLipo and Laser Body Sculpting procedures. Through laser and Botox treatments, you and your staff were able to rid my brow of deep wrinkles above and around my eyes. The scowled appearance formed by facial wrinkles had disappeared. As a result of the lipo treatments to my hips, abdomen and upper back, the ugly fat which would not disappear through extensive exercising and constant dieting flowed out of my body. Previously, I had always been physically active. I had ridden bicycles all my adult years. I trained hard on the bicycle through my riding many training miles and racing. I am an avid swimmer who swims half-mile per day six months per year. During these past four months, I had been working out at the Las Vegas Athletic Club. I attend spin class four times per week and pilates three times per week. And I pump iron. Yet, despite these activities, I could not get rid of the fat in my upper and lower abdomen and around my hips.

I want to thank you for your personal and professional care in the treatments you have provided. My self-esteem in my appearance has sky rocketed. My workouts are so much more meaningful. Instead of exercising in an attempt to lose fat which would not go away, I am more motivated to work out to truly enhance my conditioning and physical appearance.

I highly recommend Dr. Youmans for her professional care and personal treatment to anyone who desires to improve his/her appearance.


Andrew P.

Amy B.

I cannot express enough in words how happy I am with the hospitality I received from Dr. Youmans and her staff. When I first walked in I was a little hesitant, mainly because of my fear of needles. Then, when they told me I would be awake during the SmartLipo procedure, it tool everything I had not to walk out the door. It was the confidence and kindness of the staff that assured me this procedure is safe and painless.

Well, guess what? They were absolutely right. On the day of my procedure, they made sure I was completely comfortable and relaxed before they proceeded with anything. Dr. Youmans takes the time to ensure a level of trust that is unique with her patients. I felt for certain that I was in good hands. After my surgery, I was amazed at how quickly I was up and about. I could go about my normal activities with minimal pain and discomfort. The most amazing part is that the entire staff was there for me every step of the way, well into the post-surgery and recovery. They have made sure I am well taken care of and happy with my results. I have never experienced a more welcoming staff than Dr. Youmans’. I was self conscious about a few areas of my body that exercise just wasn’t taking care of, so I made the decision based on a referral from a close friend of whom I trusted. I would recommend anyone sitting on the fence about this to take the leap, the results will speak for themselves.

Warm Regards,

Amy B.

John & Brenda B.

I have been suffering from retina disease for many years. My retina specialist had been able to contain it, but was unable to offer any long-term results. After discussing my situation with Dr. Youmans both my wife and I decided to have the stem cell procedure done. Within the first month of treatment I experienced measurable results. After three checkups with my retina specialist, all within a month of the procedure, he has been astonished by the results which I am experiencing. The swelling has been drastically reduced. My corrected vision has returned to 20/20 in both eyes. Other results my wife and I both have experienced are sustained and normalized blood pressures, increased energy, and pain reduction in all the joints. Also my wife was treated for rosacea and has not had one flareup since the stem cell procedure was performed. –

John & Brenda B.